The Main Types of Rendering:

Cement Rendering: (traditionally the most common) early settlers in Australia first developed the process of applying cement plasters to the exterior walls of their homes and other structures in an effort to protect them from the weather and add life to the buildings. Over the course of time many European countries adopted cement rendering and added their personalization.

Coloured texture rendering: much like the traditional white and off-white cement rendering this texture adds colour to add regional character. Buildings, pools and exterior walls get colours that suit specific tastes. With coloured rendering more of this type of texturing has been taken indoors. Cement rendering is much more durable than paint.

Polymer and acrylic rendering: technology caught up with traditional cement rendering and gave birth to acrylic and plastic rendering. Polystyrene is the main ingredient used  and acrylic is used to make shatter resistant glass. Polystyrene and acrylic produce a product that is very flexible and durable. Both can be applied in various thicknesses and colours giving many more options when transforming exteriors.

Much more water resistant and stronger, Acrylic rendering can be applied to many surfaces that traditional cement rendering couldn’t. For example concrete, cement blocks, and AAC concrete panels. When properly mixed, acrylic rendering can also be applied to smooth surfaces like cement sheeting. Acrylic rendering produces a much smoother finish than traditional cement rendering.

An added benefit to acrylic renders is that they can be sprayed on the walls. Finishes on acrylic renders can be as varied as stone wash, lime wash, marble, clay, stone chip or a stipple finish.

Rendering is very affordable and adds many benefits that add value to your property, rendering is totally worth the investment.

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Residential Cement Rendering

Responsible for transforming many homes into masterpieces over the years, will not only make your home stand out in the neighbourhood but also add value with cement rendering.

What is Cement Rendering?

Cement rendering uses a premixed plaster of cement, lime and sand that is spread over the exterior of a building. The cement plaster adheres to stone, mud and brickwork making it more weather resistant and giving a more beautiful finish.

Usually an exterior that has been rendered is textured, coloured and or painted after the plaster has been applied.

Traditionally rendering was primarily used on exterior surfaces of shops, structures, walls, and pools but with advanced technology it has been brought indoors to draw attention to some interior walls.

Depending on the mixture rendering can have a finish that is smooth, textured, coloured, painted or pigmented.

is noted for expert surface preparation and choosing the best mix to ensure perfect results.

Modern day home extension rendering has come of age. It has gone beyond the traditional experiments of cement rendering to explore various improved and artistic ways of rendering.

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